The Pinewoods International Collection is a 354-page book containing music scores for four hundred traditional dance tunes and songs from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, England, the Americas, Canada, Israel, and other countries and cultures. The book is offset printed on high quality opaque paper, coil-bound for ease of use, and the cover is nylon laminated for protection.

Most of the scores consist of basic melody lines with chords, but more elaborate arrangements are sometimes featured. Most tunes can be played on any instrument. Extensive notes include commentary on the tunes, rhythm, ornamentation, tonality, and improvisation typical of this music.

The Pinewoods International Collection was collected, edited, arranged, typeset, and produced by Tom Pixton. First published in 1998, the book was reset, redesigned, and released as the Second Edition in 2004.

In 2018, the new Third Edition was released. Identical in content to the Second Edition, the new Third Edition has been entirely reset and improved. Learn more or order now.


Listen to a few tunes from the Pinewoods International Collection, played by the Pinewoods Band.